Work Wonnie

We are the world's first and only one-piece workleisure apparel combo

It says

It says "I'm formal"

The crisp button down top to your Work Wonnie is nothing short of stylish and professional. We like to call this your “Zoom Half,” which will always look polished and ready for work.

But... “I’m here to party”

But... “I’m here to party”

You’re working from home. Why shouldn’t you be comfortable? The jogger bottoms of your Work Wonnie are always easy like a Sunday morning, even on a Monday.

Who says you can’t do both?

Who says you can’t do both?

Yes, we have been described as “the mullet of your wardrobe”. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between getting sh!t done and doing it comfortably. 2020 has taught us a lot of things, number one being that you can further your career in a dope onesie.


With the March 2020 shift to working online for a large majority of the corporate world, came a new work culture defined by coffee from our kitchens instead of the office breakroom, athleisure becoming our finest workwear, and Zoom meetings from our couches.

Suddenly, we were trying to maintain professionalism while shushing our dogs barking at the UPS man and deterring our kids trying to get a word in on the companywide call.

Two friends discussed that they were thankful they could still work during such a crazy time, and despite the quirks of suddenly working from home, they might actually be more productive than ever. Was that even possible? They were rolling out of bed to make their first meetings of the day and ending some days with a Happy Hour email sesh.

The only thing that was holding them back from the ultimate comfy work from home experience was that they still needed to look "work appropriate" for video calls. What a bummer! Everything was almost perfect.

That's when they realized they really only needed to be professional from the top half up. They weren't actually going anywhere, so why get dressed all the way? The bottom half of their look became fair game.

But why worry about picking out separates when you could get dressed in one fell swoop? The friends are problem solvers. Doers. Dreamers. Grown men and wearers of onesies. They thought, "why not make this a whole look?"

Thus, the idea for the Work Wonnie was born. A perfect marriage of work appropriate and Comfortable as Hell ™ (okay, we don't have that trademarked, but we should really talk to someone about that), the Work Wonnie is everything the two friends wanted for their working from home experience, complete with a butt flap for… streamlining operations.

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You bet your butt flap it is. Read the story here.

The button down part of your Work Wonnie is premium quality. No one will ever know the difference!

Every Work Wonnie features a butt flap for maximum convenience. You can choose to use it, or you can take your Wonnie all the way off to do your business and think about your life choices in the nude.

Not that you’ll want to, but if for any reason you’re unsatisfied you can return your Work Wonnie or exchange it here.